About Me

I have been sewing for about 5 years now.  With every project that I start I try to learn something new or stretch myself in some way.  I love the quilting community and all of the inspiration that it offers; I find it so amazing how creative you can be with fabric!

My husband, Anthony, is the most wonderful man ever, he's also a huge goober! (He'd say the same thing about me!)  We have been married for a very adventurous 8 years.  We have the most beautiful son.  He fills our life with joy and we couldn't be anymore blessed.

Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of sewing all day, but I get to do the next best thing!  Teaching elementary music has to be one of the funnest jobs.  I get to sing, dance, and play games with my kiddos all day long!  And since Anthony is a teacher too, we get to spend our summers together!  So that's a little about me ... I would love to learn something about you!

- Lori

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