A Special Quilt for a Special Lady

20 December 2014

A co-worker of mine, Katie, found out that her cancer had returned last summer.  The doctors found 7 tumors in her liver that they said were inoperable.  Her only option was to do an intense round of chemotherapy.  The chemo has been rough on Katie, although you would never know it from her demeanor.  On my way home from work one day, the Lord really laid her on my heart.  And at that point I knew I was supposed to make her a quilt.  So I searched for the perfect pattern and fabric that would brighten her day when she looked at it.  I used Miss Kate by Bonnie and Camille for the fabric, and Metro Rings for the pattern.

Although I can't personally make Katie healthy again, I really hope this quilt will bring her some comfort and peace.

Watching Katie go through this journey has been one of the most amazing things for me.  And I know that sounds odd but she has endured with so much class and positivity.   Daily, she speaks of how blessed she is and talks about her plans for the future.  She walks around with a smile on her face despite how she might be feeling inside.  She has shown strength that I could only wish to possess. She has put life in perspective for me lately.  At times, we all have the tendency to get frustrated by our small problems not even thinking about how it could be worse.  So I wanted to try to make something as beautiful as Katie and her sweet spirit.

Due to Katie's inspiration, my goal for 2015 is to be thankful!  Instead of getting wrapped up in the small and trivial dilemmas that might come my way, I pledge to be thankful instead.  I am blessed to have a beautiful and healthy family and all of my needs are met so really what do I have to complain about?

If you read this, Katie, thank you for being an inspiration.  You are creating a testimony through your daily walk.  Be blessed my friend.


  1. what a beautiful testimony to your friend and a beautiful quilt too. you're a gem.

  2. It`s awesome and sure she will be deligjted and big hug for Katie!!


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