31 October 2014

     I am a huge admirer of Jen Kingwell's work and when her Steampunk quilt pattern came out it quickly made it on my "bucket list" of quilt projects.  So over the summer I decided it was time to tackle all of the curves.  The majority of the fabrics that I used were from my scraps.  The only fabrics I purchased were for the sashing and the backing.  I spent countless hours at my machine during nap times just stitching up those curves.  I have never pinned so much in my life!!!  Eventually it started to come together and I was falling in love.  My goal with this quilt was to step outside of my normal fabric choices and to be a little more eclectic.  I tried to stay away from my usual brights and lean more toward low volume, muted or dark tones. 

     Making this quilt was such a good exercise for me.  I had to step back and really think about making different choices.  So often I feel like I fall into a rut where many of my projects start to look the same after a while and this really helped me feel creative again. 

I did make the quilt a little larger than the pattern called for.  The hubs is a tall guy so we like big quilts around our house!  I now have my eye on the Gypsy Wife pattern. 

I am linking this quilt up with the Blogger's Quilt Festival over at Amy's Creative Side.


  1. Love your quilt! It flows so nicely. I was just talking to the owner of my LQS about quilt market that she just attended and she mentioned she really loved the line of fabric that Jen Kingwell has coming out. She was surprised when I said I really want to make one of Jen's quilts to push myself. They are a bit busy compared to what I usually choose. Like you I too feel like all my quilts start looking the same. Maybe I will have to take the leap and pick a pattern to go with. Best of luck in the Festival!

  2. This quilt is gorgeous! Great use of color and arrangement of blocks. Good luck in the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

  3. I have this one on my bucket list too... Still afraid of the curves though. Your colors works great in this setting. Well done :)

  4. I have watched this quilt's progress and it is a beautiful finish! I have this pattern and it is on my "bucket list" too. Love your setting and the muted/darker colors look great!

  5. Love this quilt! The mix of colors is perfect!


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