Successful Swapping!!

14 June 2013

Another round of the Pillow Talk Swap was recently wrapped up, and it was a successful swap for me!  I am trying to limit my swapping this year but I couldn't resist the Pillow Talk Swap, it really is one of my favorite swaps of all time!

For my partner, I went with the jewel tones that she requested.  And I came up with this ...
I think my partner appreciated it, and she mentioned her husband even like it.  That would be a huge success in my home, that's for sure!  I think my husband believes our house is going to be overrun with handmade goods.  I'm not quite sure why that's a negative thing.

Anyway ... the pillow I received was perfect for my home!  Gina made the most perfect hexagon, low volume pillow that goes wonderfully with our bed.
She even incorporated text prints which are my favorite.  And one of them even has the word "Texas" on it which is where we live.  It was very obvious that a lot of time and thought went into making this.  I really do appreciate everything she did to make this pillow special for me!  She also sent a cute little pouch and some tim tams.   I was really spoiled! 

So another swap is now done .... I have one more swap that is still in the works.  I signed up for the Fabric Basket Swap because it was a small project and I didn't have any fabric baskets around the house.  So when my basic arrives I will definitely share it with you guys!

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