Simplicity 2274 Duffel Bag

07 June 2013

Have you guys seen the Simplicity Duffel Bags that have been popping up around the quilting community?  There are so many amazing bags out there, and I needed one for our trip that we took to San Antonio.  I love the idea of traveling handmade and that was my goal for the trip!  So I picked up the pattern and found some great fabrics and got to work.  

I did the pattern pretty much as described except I added a lining.  I also quilted it differently and added some reinforcement to the pull tabs by the zipper, but that's about it.  

Let me tell you, this bag is huge!  It's definitely big enough to hold anything you could ever need for a weekend getaway.  I opted for a Melody Miller print, I wanted fabric that was a little more sturdy than quilting cotton.

 That typewriter is one of my favorite parts of this print!  My mom said she typed on a typewriter just like this when she was younger.  So there you have it!  If you have ever thought about tackling the Weekender Bag by Amy Butler, I would start out trying this bag first!  This would be a great way to get into bag making!


  1. Love the look of your duffel!

  2. Very cute! I have a hard time following "regular" patterns. How was this one?

  3. I have this pattern - been meaning to make bags for my kids for travel but it seems so, well, big. Especially for kids and their stuff. I think I could fit the kid in there!

    Your bag is adorable, especially that typewriter.

  4. This looks fantastic, Lori! You're on a roll lately!!

  5. Adorable bag! I haven't tried duffle bags yet. Maybe that will be my next project!

  6. I have made 4 of these bags so far and have another 3-4 planned. I used Duckcloth for the exterior, Canvas for the handles, broadcloth of the liners, and parka zippers. I measured all of the pieces and cut them using my quilting mat and rotary cutter. I cut the exterior and lining pieces 2” larger than the pattern piece to allow for fabric shifting and quilting shrinkage. I quilted a 1.5 inch diamonds using painter’s tape to make mark my sewing lines. A walking foot is totally necessary. I used a regular presser foot for the 1st bag and was totally frustrated. I purchased a walking foot the next three bag; so much better. I used fusible fleece on the body and side panels. I added interface to the side pieces, strap pocket, and side pocket. I replaced the tabs with D-ring loops (for a future shoulder strap). I added side pockets to each side and strap pockets on each side. I finished the side zippers between the side pocket exterior and lining fabric. I did add a liner to the bags (makes it look more professional). I did not use the jute webbing. I cut 2 8”x58” strips from Canvas. I folded the strap in half and then half again; then ironed 2” fusible fleece to the strap. I topstitched the strap. I will add a piece of plastic to the bottom of the bag for stability.
    I made a No Guts Boxie Pouch to go along with 1 of the bags.


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