Scrappy Trip Pillow!

03 June 2013

At last month's McKinney MQG meeting I mentioned that I would be making something handmade for a prize at the June meeting.  At that point I had no idea what I would be making but I managed to whip something up.  

I have been watching the Scrappy Trip Along Quilts pop up over the blogging world over the past several months.  I was not able to participate at that time due to being overwhelmed with other projects, but I have been thinking and dreaming about making a scrappy quilt.

So I decided to give the scrappy trip block a try with the hopes of incorporating it in the handmade prize I needed to make.

As I was working on the pillow cover I was not liking how it started out.  There were so many colors that didn't necessarily work well together.  In fact I about chucked the project right in the middle of making it, which is sooooo not like me!  But I plugged away and kept working just praying that it would turn out half way decent at the end.  And I have to say now that it's finished I really really like it!

The blocks were so easy to make, I can see how a quilt made with this method could be put together so quickly!  You can find the block tutorial here, it's by the fabulous Bonnie Hunter.  

So basically, after I finished this pillow, I was in love with the process of making this block.  I have realized that it's been a while since I have worked on a quilt, so I have made it my mission to work on three quilts over my summer break.  As you can easily guess, the scrappy trip quilt will be one of the three!  I will fill you in on the other two soon.

Hopefully whoever wins this pillow cover will love it as much as I have grown to love it!


  1. It's a lovely pillow cover, and yes, those blocks are SUPER addictive (says she who has made two 64-block quilts!). I like how you used different fabrics but kept the colors the same. It's not so scrappy it hurts your eyes!

  2. it's so gorgeous! I hope I win! Two scrappy trip along quilts finished here too. they are fun!

  3. It's gorgeous Lori - just AWESOME!

  4. This is super cute. And Ellyn is so lucky she gets to have it in her house. Lucky Girl! It was great getting to talk with you tonight. -Sara

  5. I absolutely LOVE this pillow, Lori! So sweet and colorful!


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