Life is Busy but Life is Good!

09 May 2013

Oh my goodness ... I feel like I have been going non-stop lately, but it's definitely in a good way!  Although you wouldn't be able to tell it by my blog lately.  I have spent the past couple of weeks  planning and planning and planning.  Unfortunately not a whole lot of sewing has taken place but that will change soon.

I have a couple of quilt shops that I absolutely love in McKinney, TX about 35 minutes south of where I live, and I am lucky enough to be teaching at one of those shops!  I have just solidified my teaching schedule for the next four months and I am going to be one busy lady.  During the day, my full time job is to teach music to elementary kiddos, but now on some evenings and weekends I have the privilege of teaching sewing/quilting!  I have begun teaching already and absolutely love it!

I'll be teaching classes and leading sewing groups like:
Foundation Paper Piecing
Gum Drop Pillows (an Amy Butler pattern)
Bridgette's Bagettes (an Atkinson's Designs pattern)
A Single Girl Quilt Along Group (a Denyse Schmidt pattern)
A lecture on how to get connected with the online quilting community.
Modern Stitchers (a group who learns a new sewing concept paired with a quick technology demo)
and ....

wait for it ....


That's right!  I have joined up with several amazing ladies to bring a Modern Quilt Guild to McKinney, TX.  We had our first meeting last Tuesday and we had almost 40 ladies show up!  I couldn't believe the attendance!  I'm not going to lie, I was pretty overwhelmed but I quickly realized who I was in the company of.  Let's be serious, all quilters are amazingly sweet people and these ladies were no exception!  Seeing this many people show up for our first meeting really solidified the need for a group like this.  What I thought would be a casual thing at first has turned into a legit organization overnight.  So over the next few months I will be working my little tail off to provide some great opportunities to these amazing women.  I can't wait to get to know all of them and to learn about their "story". 

As I looked at everyone at the meeting I just kept thinking about all of the knowledge that was sitting in one place and how excited I was to learn more from them as well!  So here we go, I truly believe it will be a wild ride and I am ready!  If you are in the McKinney area we would love for you to join us! You can check out the McKinney Modern Quilt Guild website here.
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