Girl Friday Blog Hop

30 March 2013

Fabric Mutt

The Girl Friday Blog Hop, which is organized by the amazing Heidi, is starting tomorrow over at her blog, Fabric Mutt.  If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Heidi or visiting her blog you really are missing out.  She is one special lady!!!  

This blog hop is all about the office or work area!  Since I am a teacher, I have my own desk space that I love to decorate and organize.  And over the course of this blog hop, you will get to see some fabulous tutorials to help your work space!  

I can't wait to share what I have planned.  So make sure you go check out Heidi tomorrow and see what she has to share!

Mon., April 1 -- Heidi Staples @ Fabric Mutt
Tue., April 2 -- Kristy @ Quiet Play (Pink Chalk Fabrics giveaway: $25 certificate)
Wed., April 3 -- Becca Bryan @ Bryan House Quilts
Thur., April 4 -- Amanda Woodruff @ A Crafty Fox (Westwood Acres giveaway)
Fri., April 5 -- Lee Heinrich @ Freshly Pieced
Mon., April 8 -- Svetlana Sotak @ SOTAK Handmade
Tue., April 9 -- Beth @ Plum and June (Sew Me a Song giveaway: fabric bundle)
Wed., April 10 -- Taryn @ From Pixels to Patchwork
Thur., April 11 -- Lori Hartman @ Lori H. Designs (Fabricworm giveaway: Robotic fabric bundle)
Fri., April 12 -- Leanne @ She Can Quilt
Mon., April 15 -- Blog Hop Recap at Fabric Mutt

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  1. Lori, you are the sweetest!! I can't wait to see your project! :)


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