First Quarter Finish-A-Long link up!!

31 March 2013

It's time to link up my first quarter finished for 2013.  I had 6 items that I wanted to finish and unfortunately I only finished 3 maybe 4 of them, you can find my original post here.  So let's brake it down folks ....

1. My commissioned quilt is DONE!!

2. My original plan for our master bedroom quilt changed.  I had planned on making a quilt out of Flea Market Fancy and linen but once the top was done, the color scheme just wasn't working for my master bedroom.  So I don't know if this counts or not but I did finish a master bedroom quilt just not the original plan.

3. I was able to finish the diaper bag and I love it!  If my hubby and I ever have a little one of our own, I will definitely be using this pattern!

4. And last but not least.  I was able to finish my FMF pillow cover.  This was my first experience with curved piecing and it wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be.

5. FMF pillow shams were not finished since the master bedroom planned changed.

6. I have not finished the pincushion/scissor case.  I need to hand-stitch everything together and I just can't get motivated to work on this project.  I guess I will add it to my Q2 list!


  1. Look at you!! Beautiful projects, Lori. I'm getting ready to (finally) make something with my low volume charm squares. I'm so excited! :)

  2. Great finishes Lori! It is frustrating when you plan for something, make a ginormous quilt, and then it doesn't work out quite right. Still, lovely job!

  3. Did I already tell you how much I love your low volume one-patch quilt? It's gorgeous -- just stunning! Did you do a light backing, too? Did you piece it or is it all one fabric? Love, love, love that quilt, Lori!

  4. I love your FMF pillow cover. This is a fabric line that I didn't really like at first, but now I am seeing what people have made with it it is fantastic.


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