Modern She Made Round 3 Starts Tomorrow!

24 February 2013

Sign ups for the Modern She Made Swap start tomorrow!  We are accepting the first 50 swappers that sign up, as long as they meet the requirements!
In order to be considered for this swap, we will be looking at your previous swap experience and making sure you are in good standing with your prior commitments.  You can find the sign-up info tomorrow in this flickr group.

 Over the past two rounds, we have had some amazing talent!  You can see some of the high quality projects that have been swapped and I can't wait to see what the ladies come up with this round!


  1. Do you know at what time the sigp ups will start?

    I'm afraid I'll be too late !! I'm probably panicking for nothing as I'll have access to my computer at 4:30..

  2. Such gorgeous pillows! I am definitely planning to sign up for this round - I love the star theme!

  3. I wish I could sign up this round! :( Can't wait to see what everyone makes!


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