Another quilt bound and done!

15 February 2013

A friend of the family asked me to make a quilt for her granddaughter about 6 months ago.  It was one of those requests where they say, just work on it whenever you have time.  So here we are 6 months later and the quilt is finished.  I used Faith's tutorial, which is pretty fantastic!  I made another quilt using the same pattern and both times the quilt went together so quickly!  I had to change the dimensions of this quilt a bit to fit what the family friend wanted, but I was pretty pleased with the result. 

She also requested that her granddaughters name be added to the quilt, so I decided to put it on the back.

I did have one requirement when I said I would make this quilt.  I requested that they pay for long-arm quilting services.  Since my surgery back in September I haven't basted a quilt.  Normally I am not one to take things easy and to take recovery slowly, but I promised my husband that I wouldn't baste a quilt until April.  And to be honest, I do not love basting quilts, so I was okay with that promise. :)

The long-armer did a great job!  I love that the swirls contrast the blocks!

I can't wait to deliver the quilt.  I am so curious to see her reaction!


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