A Lovely Year of Finishes: February

06 February 2013

A Lovely Year of Finishes
After linking up in January to A Lovely Year of Finishes I realized that it's the exact motivation I needed to keep on trucking with some of those extra projects!   There are so many projects that I need to finish this month but I have one that is on a deadline!  It's the first project on my list, I mean it's urgent people!

It just so happens that one of the quilt shops that I absolutely love, asked me to teach a class for them.  So now I'm going to be teaching foundation paper piecing and am so excited.  I need to get the class sample done really quickly.

The colors in the picture are horrible, it's much better in person.  This project will end up being a pillow.  Right now the pillow top is done and I need to finish this quickly!  Hopefully by the end of the week.


  1. I'm so excited that you'll be able to do some teaching -- that's fantastic! You're going to be great!

  2. your pillow top is wonderful. have fun teaching. its always so rewardin to see students "get-it"


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