A Lovely Year Of Finishes!

07 January 2013

I have decided that I wanted to start this year by linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes!  
 A Lovely Year of Finishes
I was so proud of myself for completing most of my projects from 2012.  The only two remaining projects are two quilts that I will be sending off to the long-armer next week!  I am pretty close to starting 2013 off on a clean slate!  And as a result, I have decided to dedicate this year to skill-building!  There are so many things that I would love to accomplish this year.  I have jotted down a short list in an attempt to stay focused!

1. Try making more bags.
2. Try and learn how to use my copy of adobe creative suite to design quilts.
3. Have a pattern published in a printed publication.
4. Become more comfortable with free motion quilting.

There are tons of other things that are on my to-do list but these are goals that I really want to accomplish this year.

Consequently, I thought about what I wanted my first project of 2013 to be and I have decided on a diaper bag!  A friend at work has a daughter who is having a baby and she asked me to make a diaper bag for her.  Since it fits in with one of my goals for this year, I just couldn't resist!  I have a few new techniques that I would like to try with this project as well!

The pattern and fabrics have been chosen, and I have thought about making a few adjustments so hopefully this will go smoothly!


  1. First of all, how awesome that you're starting the year off with no works in progress! And second, I love your goal for 2013 - and can't wait to read along as you build up your skills! :)

  2. You're so amazing, Lori -- almost no WIPs! I love that stack you pulled for the diaper bag. Can't wait to see it finished! Great list too!


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