Time to Hustle and an Update.

25 September 2012

The past few weeks have been full of craziness for me.  I have been seeing a Chiropractor for some time trying to manage some back pain but a little over two weeks ago my back had all it could take.  I woke up one morning and had a hard time walking, pain was creeping into my left leg and eventually I started to have numbness clear down to my toes.  I couldn't go into work and was on my back 24/7, I experienced pain during that time that was unlike anything I had ever encountered.  I waited a few days to get an appointment with the neurologist and after the appointment it was clear surgery was necessary.  We scheduled surgery for my herniated disc last Friday and since then I have slowly been recovering. 

I'm not going to lie, this has been difficult for me mainly because I am a very independent person who doesn't like to be held back.  I like to do things when I want to do them.  I have had to learn to rely on others for help and not only that but to put my total trust in the Lord.  My faith has been tried through this and I believe I am a better person for it!  And I have learned that the Lord will always turn things out for our good!

So due to the back issues, the past few weeks I have not been able to sit at my sewing machine and I am going through withdrawals!!!  I did however get some hand stitching projects ready!!! For the next few months, I won't be able to work on large projects because basting large quilts on the floor won't be an option, and lifting heavy quilts won't be an option. :(  So I am reworking my to-do list and am planning on tackling all of the small projects that I have wanted to get done. 

So here comes the 100 Day Hustle list.

1. Binding on my ticker tape quilt
2. Binding on my chrysalis quilt
3. Cash Envelope Wallet
4. Quilt and bind my Freedom Church quilt
5. Tree Skirt Tutorial
6. Pillow Talk Swap
7. Modern She Made Swap
8. Burlap Tote
9. September - December Bee Blocks
10. Sewing Set
11. Christmas table runner

Hopefully I can get some work done in the next few months!!!


  1. Oh, Lori, I'm so sorry. My husband and father have both had back issues, and I know the unbelievable pain that comes with them. I'll be praying that you get some relief in the days ahead as you heal.

  2. Oh, goodness, hope you feel better soon. Take it easy, no rushing, and I can say this as another very independent person who had major surgery this year! I'll pass on the advice I was given - how you recover now dictates how well you'll feel in a year. :-)

  3. OUCH! So sorry to hear about the pain in your back side... (little humor there). Sounds like it is time to do some smaller projects to be sure. If you run out of small things to do, I have a huge list of little things you can work on for me :)

  4. So sorry to hear about your back!! Hope you're feeling better soon! Yay for having some small projects to work on while you rest! I cannot wait to see the tree skirt :) Thanks for joining in!

  5. So sorry to hear the news. Hope you make a speedy recovery! It's nice to have some small projects to work on =D

  6. Sorry to hear that Lori. I hope you are on the mend soon.

  7. Hi Lori, i am sooo sorry to hear of your troubles. As a long time back pain sufferer (i call it my 5 baby back!!) I know how debilitating it can be. I, too will be revising my to do list as I broke my wrist yesterday and sewing for a while won't be possible! Sometimes life throws us these curved balls and reminds us not to be inflexible and how to be dynamic and adjust. Best wishes with all you are and will be going through and those of us in blogland are sending our compassion through the ether to you. Cheers, Karen.


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