Modern She Made Swap Round 2!!!

08 September 2012

Modern She Made

I don't know if you guys have ever participated in flickr swaps before but it is a great way to meet new quilty friends and increase your abilities!  I have loved being a part of the flickr community and it has stretched me so much over the past year.  

I wanted to let you guys know that Julie of Jolie Maxtin, and I are hosting Round 2 of the Modern She Made Swap.  We are limiting the number of participants to 75 and are requiring previous swap experience.  Julie and I were so amazed at the talent in the group during the last round, we can't wait to see what will pop up this go around!

Every round we add in a little twist.  During the last round, our participants had to incorporate a circle into their project somehow, whether it be in their choice of fabric or their design choices.  Well this round we are switching things up a bit, we will be incorporating triangles!  We are super excited to get things started, so be on the lookout for sign-ups next week!


  1. What kind of swap experience do you need to have? I've done 1 private swap and a fabric swap and I'm finishing up my fabric swap that I'm that enough experience?

  2. So I have lost my sewing mojo these last two weeks, but this sounds like too much fun to pass up! I'll go look in the Flickr group, but do you know what the tentative dates are for deadlines and such if they aren't there already? :)

  3. So excited to do this swap again!! I loved the first round!

  4. Ooh, very tempting! I have just resolved to hold off on the swapping for now. It seems to take me way more time than I anticipate- perhaps I deliberate too much? We'll see... Can't wait to hear more details!

  5. I had a lot of fun with the first swap. Gosh I hope I don't miss the sign up. Is is possible to reserve a space? =D


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