Third Quarter Finish A Long Link Up!

08 July 2012

It's time for Quilter in the Gap's Third Quarter Finish A Long!  So here are my third quarter goals!

1. I have several Christmas projects that I would like to get finished this month.  The first one is a set of Christmas coasters.  I absolutely love that Alexander Henry print!

2. The second Christmas project that I want to finish is a tree skirt.  I am using Joy by Kate Spain for this project!  I'm thinking it will be made primarily of log cabin blocks.  I'm hoping to put a tutorial together for it too!

3. My LQS has had a monthly challenge with our Bring and Brag group.  For the past year, we have been given two different colors and were asked to make ticker tape blocks with those colors.  Well, this is the last month for the challenge and now I need to get it all put together.  I have two more rows left to add and then I need to quilt and bind it. 

4.  I don't know if you have seen the Modern Blocks book but it's amazing!  And I have joined two flickr bee's that are based off of this book.  After this month, I will have all of my blocks back in my possession!  So I will need to finish the quilt top, quilt and bind it!  I'm not sure if I'm really going to like the look of this one but we will see.

5.  I am also hoping to finish a couple of baby quilts.  I used Chrysalis for the first quilt.  I need to add borders, quilt, and bind this one.

6.  I am also working on a baby quilt done with Ruby!  I love this line and think it is perfect for a baby quilt!  I need to add borders, quilt and bind this one as well.

So that's six different projects to finish in the next three months!  I have 5 weeks left of summer vacation so my goal is to finish most of these in the next 5 weeks!  That's a lofty goal but I think I can do it!  So here we go!  Do you have any goals for the next few months?  Have you been working on anything that you are super excited about?


  1. Yay for Christmas projects! I'm starting to see them creep into everyone's to-do lists now. :) Love that Alexander Henry print too!

  2. Oh man! Those are seriously awesome projects! I can't wait to see them finished! I think you're modern blocks squares are going to look really great together. Ok, I think they all will. I can't wait to see how your tree skirt comes together too. You make me want to go jump on my sewing machine right now! :) you definitely have been my motivation to get my projects done. Thanks! :)

  3. Really these all look so great!! Can't wait to see those coasters, love that print!

  4. Those are some very pretty projects. I will enjoy watching the progress.

  5. Wow some great projects lined up there! I'll be looking out for the updates on them.
    I'm just working on some hand sewn projects =D

  6. Lori,
    I love all of these in progress projects! Can't wait to see the tree skirt completed...reminds me that I need one. My husband and I have been married for 2 Christmas' now going on our 3rd and each year our tree has sat behind a couch and never needed one, but this year it does!

    - Katie Fleming

  7. I love the Modern Block book too - glad you linked up to FAL like I did so I could see your projects. Happy Quilting!

  8. I have that Alexander Henry print too. Can't wait to see the coasters! Maybe I'll make some too!


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