Let's Figure It Out Together: Instagram

07 July 2012

This post is part of Plum and June's Let's Figure It out Together Series with the Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop.  Beth has pulled together quite a few knowledgeable quilty folks and asked them to share their know-how on a variety of topics!  So if you are looking for ways to spruce up your blog or wanting to find new social media outlets you should go check out the Let's Figure it out Together Series!

So to add to all of the wonderful info available, I thought I would throw out my opinion on Instagram!

I have just started using Instagram and I love it!  Instagram is a free app that you can download on your smart phone; there is an app for iphones and the android operating system.   Once you download the app you can create an account and start taking pics right away!

Through instagram you can share photos with friends and family.  Not to mention it's a great social media tool for blogging!  Any photos that you take you can link up to twitter, facebook, tumblr, and flickr!  It's so quick and easy, I highly suggest you go check it out!

There are different photo filters that you can use to change the look of the picture.  It's so much better than that regular camera on your phone!

In fact, I have just started fat mum slim's photo a day challenge. Basically she gives you a list of what item to take a photo of every day!  You can find out how to play here and you can see the July list here.  

So go get yourself an instagram account and find some people to follow!  If you want, you can look me up at lorihdesigns!  And if you have an account I would love to know your profile name so I can follow you!  It's always fun to see what my quilty friends are up to!


  1. Love your new blog look! I'm on instagram too, piecesandcream. Just followed you!

  2. I am loving the social aspect of Instagram after QuiltCon! I am nellytimmer.


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