I love mail!

13 July 2012

It's been like Christmas in my mailbox this week!  My wonderful mail lady, who is the mom of two of my music students, is probably wondering what in the world I am doing with all of these packages!  Look at all of this goodness!!!

This wonderful stack of Hope Valley came in three different packages and I'm waiting on the last two prints to finish off the collection!  I got a great deal on the majority of these over at Pink Castle Fabrics!  The sale section over there is amazing!  I know I'm a little late to the Hope Valley party but I am so excited to have these beauties!

I found the charm packs on sale over at Burgundy Buttons.  I have ordered quite a bit of fabric from them and their service and prices are always amazing!
And the jelly roll came from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  It was one of their daily deals!  Normally I don't purchase fabric like this but they were such great deals that I couldn't pass up!

I have found my weakness, maybe I should join a 12 step program.


  1. Beautiful, Lori! I'll be there in the 12 step program right beside you... :)

  2. Lol! If you need a 12-step program, maybe I do too! The major question a psychologist would ask is: Is the behavior (in this case fabric shopping) disrupting your daily functioning? If not, it's all good. At least that's what I tell myself! Of course, you can't pass up good deals!


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