Go check it out!

17 July 2012

I have just met a new blogging friend!  Her name is Kate and she blogs over at Kate Michelle Designs.  Every Tuesday she blogs about a Simple Project.  Basically, when she finds a tutorial she likes, she will make the project and feature the tutorial on her blog.  

Well this Tuesday, my oven mitt/pot holder tutorial is being featured.  How cool is that!  So even though my wonderful readers have already seen the tutorial, you should go check out Kate and her version!


  1. Thanks! I'm off to check her out now!

  2. Congratulations! Gorgeous pot holder! =D

  3. Great potholder. I also love the idea that someone has a weekly post of something quick and simple, I'll be going over to have a look at her blog. It is always nice to get quick ideas for presents etc.


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