Christmas in July!

04 July 2012

Fabric makes me happy!

I have bought into the Christmas In July event hosted by Sew Festive Handmade.  I have had Christmas projects on my to-do list for about the past 8 months so I figured it's time to get them done!  

On Mondays in the month of July,  Rebecca has scheduled holiday tutorials for us to take a peek at. And on the last Monday of the month, people who have been following the event get to link up the Christmas projects that they have completed!  So I'm off to start cutting into this pretty stack of fabric!

By the way, my husband laughed at me when he saw that I was taking pictures of Christmas fabric.  His remark was, "You know it's July right?"
Sometimes guys just don't get it! :)


  1. Cute stack! what fabric is that?

  2. I love Joy! I've got some big plans for it, a quilt I might actually keep! Sadly, I'm not sure I'm going to do Christmas in July, as I've got "wedding presents in July" instead, and that's taking my time and fabric budget for now. :) But it will be fun to see what every one else has done, and I'll have my own "Christmas in October" or something. :P

  3. Love the changes to the blog layout!!
    Ha men they are so not with the festive times! =D

  4. You're right - they don't have a clue!! I've gathered all my Christmas fabrics and am ready to make the card and whatever else I can - this is going to be so much fun - and won't we be pleased with ourselves come November and we are ready!!?? And btw - the updated blog looks fab!


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