Another Baby Quilt

27 June 2012

Another friend at church is expecting a beautiful baby girl.  So I figured while I was on a roll with the quilt giving I might as well keep it going, right?

I used a couple of Domestic Bliss charm packs and some yardage to complete this quilt.  It was a pretty quick project.  I quilted it using straight diagonal lines.  Hopefully it will be as well received as the last one!  

I'm really enjoying making these, they go together so quickly.  I have two more to finish before the Second Quarter Finish-A-Long deadline next week.  All I have left is some binding to finish so you might be seeing a couple more quilts in the next few days!

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  1. I love these fabrics...Don't the charm packs make it go so fast?

  2. That will be one lucky baby to get this wonderful snuggly quilt. I am sure the new mom will love it too!

  3. Charm packs are so great for a quick quilt. Still loving that fabric!!

  4. I love the colours! It can be so hard to find pink/purple fabrics. Charm packs are definitely the way to go when making a quilt =D

  5. I love your choice of charm packs....It's so fun and lively!

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