Final Finish for the 2nd Quarter FAL

30 June 2012

My final finish for the 2nd Quarter FAL got done just in time!  I finished my fourth baby quilt using the Little Apples line.  I used a layer cake for this quilt so there is a little fabric leftover.

A while back, I also purchased a fabric bundle of Little Apples and I got it for a great price.  But I'm not in love with this line at the moment.  I have a whole fat quarter bundle and I have no idea what to do with it!  This is a new experience for me.  I can always find something fun to do with any fabric that I have in my stash.  But I'm not feeling this line at the moment.  Have you ever had that experience?  What did you do?  Should I put it away and come back to it later?  I am perplexed!

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Baby Quilt #3!!

29 June 2012

I'm linking up my third of four different projects for the Second Quarter Finish-A-Long.  I have been knocking out some baby quilts lately.  I don't have any specific intention for this one.  I have been thinking lately about opening up an Etsy shop.  Have any of you had any luck with an Etsy shop?  Anything I should watch out for or maybe be aware of? 

This quilt was made using fabrics from the line, Hello Luscious, which I think are perfect for a baby girl!  If I had a baby girl I would definitely use this line.  So precious! 

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Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop!!

28 June 2012

Plum and June

It is finally my day for the blog hop!  I have been so excited about this and have enjoyed the opportunity for finding amazing new blogs!  If you haven't checked this blog hop out you definitely should!  You can find a list of the participating blogs here.

By the way ... Hi!  My name is Lori!  Through this post I hope that you will get to know what I'm about, and see a little of what my world is like!  I began my sewing adventure in January of 2011.  I had never touched a sewing machine, shoot, I had never even threaded a needle to sew a button on a shirt!  A friend at work inspired me to get started and once I gave it a try I was hooked!  You can see some of my recent projects in the mosaic above. :)

Beth, who is hosting this blog hop, suggested answering some questions to help ya'll get to know me!  So here we go!

Favorite quilting tip:
I am pretty OCD when it comes to cutting fabric. :)  When I first started quilting, I remember hearing these words of wisdom .... Always measure twice before you cut!  Even now I hear those amazing words every time I cut fabric.  Let's be honest, we all love fabric, and I will stretch a yard of fabric as far as I can! 

Favorite blogging tip:
This is a tough one, I won't claim to have all of the answers when it comes to blogging.  But with my blog, I try to show people who I am.  I try to stay true to myself and over the past year, I have met some really amazing people.  The only advice I can give is to take an interest in others and be yourself!

Favorite fabric:
I love Denyse Schmidt, Heather Ross, and Melody Miller.  If I can, I always try and have some extra white solids and linen laying around, they always make for a great addition to almost any project!

Favorite quilting book:
I have so many favorite quilting books!  I would highly suggest ....
1. Quilting Modern
2. Modern Minimal
3. Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop

Favorite quilting tool:
My favorite quilting tool is hands down "The Binding Tool".  You can find it here.  And there is a tutorial on how to use it here.  Basically this tool helps you join the two ends of the binding together once it is sewn down on the perimeter of the quilt.  It is a fool proof way to get your binding joined perfectly!  Just an FYI, you can't use it on projects that are smaller than 12" on a side.  You need at least 12" to use the tool.  Because I love this tool so much, I always cringe a little when I am working on a mug rug and it's time to sew down the binding. :(

Favorite music to listen to while quilting:
I love listening to worship music while I am sewing.  I adore Shane & Shane, they are in the CD player in my car at the moment!

Favorite TV show while hand stitching:
My TV tastes are very eclectic.  I love The Office, Fringe, Glee (I am a music teacher), American Pickers, and So You Think You Can Dance.

Binding - by hand or by machine?
On quilts, I usually opt for doing my binding by hand.  But on the tutorial that you will be seeing shortly, I used machine binding.

Any random info?
Well I am a Midwest girl.  I was born and raised in Central Illinois but three years ago my wonderful hubby and I moved to the great state of Texas!  We absolutely love it here and are so glad we made the move.  The whole family is following us too!  In fact, we just moved my parents to Texas last week!  We don't have any kids yet but we do have the two cutest Labrador Retrievers, Ellie and Max! You can see a pic of them on my About Me page. :)  

Alrighty, now for the good part!  I have put together a tutorial for you!  

Supplies (for one oven mitt):
(1) - 8 x 8 inch square of Insul-Bright
(2) - 8 x 3 1/4 inch piece of Insul-Bright
(1) - 8 x 8 inch square of linen
(2) - 8 x 3 1/4 inch pieces of linen
Enough Coordinating fabrics to make:
(1) - 8 x 8 inch square
(2) - 8 x 3 1/4 inch pieces (These can either be pieced with strips or made up of one print)
(2) - 2 1/2 in x 8 1/2 in strips
(1) - 2 1/2 in x 44in strip

I'm a sucker for yummy fabric!

Step One: Assembling the top of the Oven Mitt
Using my coordinating fabrics, I cut different size widths of fabric 8" long.  I cut the 8" strips anywhere from 1 1/2 inch wide to 3 inches wide.  And then pieced the strip together.  You need to make sure that the top of the oven mitt measures at least 8in x 8in once you have pieced your strips together.

Here are my strips laid out in the order that I want them.

Here they are pieced together.  This will be the top of my oven mitt.

Step Two: Piecing the Pockets
While you are in the piecing mode, let's piece the back pockets!  You can use the same method as you did to piece the top.  Your final pieces for the back will need to measure 8 inches by 3 1/4 inches.  You can use one piece of fabric for the pockets or you can sew strips together like you did for the top.  Either way will work just fine!

For this oven mitt I used one print for the pockets.

For this oven mitt I went with the scrappy theme and sewed strips together.

Step Three: Stacking the layers together
Since the top and pockets are pieced, we now have to layer the pieces together and get ready to quilt.  You will lay the 8 inch square linen piece first, then the Insul-Bright, and finally the 8 inch top.  The shinier side of the Insul-Bright should be facing where most of the heat will be coming from.  You will follow the same pattern for the pockets.  Layer a 3 1/4 x 8 inch piece of linen, the Insul-Bright, and the print you chose for the pockets.
Note: You will want to place each layer directly on top of the previous layer.  This picture is just being shown to better illustrate the order of the layers. :)

Now you will quilt each set as desired.  I personally used straight line quilting.  Feel free to use whatever you love most!  After your pieces are quilted they should look something like this.

Step Four: Squaring up our pieces!
This is super important for a chick like me.  I NEED everything to be square and perfect.  What can I say, it's who I am.  So at this point we are going to square our main piece to be 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches and our pockets need to be squared to 7 1/2 x 3 inches.  

Note: We made them larger to begin with to assure that we had enough wiggle room while quilting.  Sometimes the fabric can get skewed and pushed around a bit. :)

Step Five: Binding the Pockets:
We need to add the binding to a long side of each of the pockets.  I started my binding on the back of the pockets and machine quilted it to the front.  You can use whatever style you like best.  If you want to hand stitch be my guest!

Step Six: Attaching the Pockets to the Main Piece
You're getting so close to the end!  Now you need to turn the main piece over so you are looking at the linen side.  Place one pocket, linen side down, and stitch around three sides.  Repeat the same process for the other pocket.

When you have finished sewing both pockets down, it should look something like this. 

Step Seven: Binding this puppy!
Unfortunately, I couldn't use my nifty binding tool for this project, it is too small.  So I attached the binding like normal people do.  If you need a good binding tutorial I would check this out.

Once the binding is done you will have a completed project!!  If you want to make the pot holder just skip steps two and six.

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you all enjoyed my little corner of the blogging world!  If ya'll have any questions feel free to ask!  And Beth, thank you for organizing such an amazing event!

Don't forget to check out the other blog hop participants!  If you missed the Tuesday posts you can go see, Svetlana from Sotak Handmade  and Beth from Plum and June.

Joining in the blog hop today is the wonderful, Julie from Jolie Maxtin.   
And next Tuesday stop by and see Di from Willowbeck Designs and Jennifer from Knotted Thread  because they have some great things planned!

Oh and if anyone is looking for a great swap, (enter ... the shameless plug)  keep your eyes peeled for Round 2 of the Modern She Made Swap.  It will be coming to a flickr group near you very soon!  Early fall to be exact! :)

Another Baby Quilt

27 June 2012

Another friend at church is expecting a beautiful baby girl.  So I figured while I was on a roll with the quilt giving I might as well keep it going, right?

I used a couple of Domestic Bliss charm packs and some yardage to complete this quilt.  It was a pretty quick project.  I quilted it using straight diagonal lines.  Hopefully it will be as well received as the last one!  

I'm really enjoying making these, they go together so quickly.  I have two more to finish before the Second Quarter Finish-A-Long deadline next week.  All I have left is some binding to finish so you might be seeing a couple more quilts in the next few days!

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An Unexpected Reaction

25 June 2012

A friend at church is expecting and so I thought that the baby needed a quilt!  Her precious baby boy is due in about 4 weeks and the baby shower was this past weekend.   A while back she found out that I made quilts and enjoyed sewing and she mentioned casually how she has always wanted quilts for her children.  She had no idea that I would remember that comment and when she opened her gift tears filled her eyes.

This is the first quilt that I have given as a gift to someone who wasn't family.  I had no idea it would be received in the way it was.  I mean, to me, this quilt wasn't a big deal.  I just sewed some charm squares together and did some straight line quilting.  But to the mommy-to-be it meant the world.  It was such a great feeling that something I created brought that much joy to someone. 

I will be linking this post as part of Quilter in the Gap's Second Quarter Finish-A-Long .  Click here for the original post.

Indian Summer Mystery Charm Swap!!

20 June 2012

I don't know if you guys have heard about this but I just wanted to put this out there!  
Echinops and Aster is hosting a Mystery Charm Swap and it looks as if it is going to be pretty simple for all of the participants!


I just signed up!  Basically, Jenelle is doing all of the work and you just wait for a group of amazing charms to show up in your mailbox (you of course will have to send a little payment her way)!  I absolutely love the theme, the colors look stunning!  So if you are looking for a good charm swap, I would go check this out!

Quilts for Dad Contest and Happy Father's Day!

17 June 2012

Every week, Michelle over at the Quilting Gallery, holds a themed weekly quilt contest.  I haven't ever entered one before but I decided this was the week to give it a try.  This weeks theme was "Quilts for Dad".  So I entered the quilt I made for my Dad last November.

My Dad is one of the best people I know.  He is a man of great character and integrity.  He is a man of faith and one who would be there for anyone in need.  So for his birthday last year I wanted to make something very special for him.  I wanted it to embody the three things most important to him: his faith, family, and country.  

I pieced an American Flag together for the top of the quilt.  I added in a verse in the middle. And at the bottom of the quilt are pictures of my Dad and Grandpa who were both military men.  

Dad, thanks for being the most amazing Dad a girl could ask for!  Happy Father's Day!

If you want to go check out the other quilts that have entered the contest, you can go here.
And while you are over there you might as well vote for your favorites!  I hope you all enjoy your day today!  Give all those important father's in your life a big hug!

Christmas in July!

06 June 2012

I don't know if you have heard about the Christmas in July event that Rebecca over at Sew Festive Handmade is hosting, but if you haven't you should definitely go check it out.  

 Sew Festive Handmade

I personally despise having to rush through a project to make a deadline so this event is right up my alley!!!  I have had goals of getting some Christmas projects done for months and months and I think this will give me the push I need to get them done!!

Do you have projects for Christmas that are on your to do list?
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