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10 April 2012

I know it's been a little quiet around here lately.  Julie and I have been hard at work organizing the Modern She Made Swap.  The majority of the work is done now so hopefully I will be able to make my way back to my sewing machine soon!

Over the past 6 months I have been making quilts for all 5 of my nieces and nephews.  I finally finished number 5!  This quilt is for my 15 year old nephew, Seth.  Quilts aren't usually something that 15 year old boys get super excited about so I wanted to make something that maybe he would at least appreciate.  I kept the design modern and geometric. 

My husband did a great job helping me pick out a "manly" color scheme.  Plus these colors match Seth's room.  Hopefully he will get some good use out of it!

 I went with straight line quilting for this quilt for two reasons.  The first reason being I felt straight line quilting was the best fit for this design.  And the second reason is that I am terrified of free motion quilting.  :)

After I get a label put on this monster I will be sending it to it's new home!

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  1. So fun! Would you ever be interested in doing a guest post for me some time? I don't quilt, but yours are so fun! :) Let me know!

  2. That is a wonderful quilt for a 15 year old. My grandson loves my quilts but he says 'no flowers' and you sure did 'no flowers' with all those bright colors and geometric lines. A boy quilt for sure.

  3. What a GREAT quilt! Love the colors!

  4. Awesome quilt, great colors. I too, am terrified of FMQ. Excited about the swap!

  5. Love the quilt! I wouldn't mind that colour scheme myself =D


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