We have a winner!!!!

24 March 2012

Well it's time to wrap up the Quilting Gallery Blog Hop!  I want to thank Michele, of the Quilting Gallery for putting this event together.  I have had a great time and have been able to meet so many new people!  Just in case you don't remember, my giveaway was for a pezzy print charm pack.  So let's get to it ........

And the winner is ...... Diann who said,

  "I just might make place mats if I won the charm pack."

Diann I have emailed you so once you send me your info I will get the charm pack to you!

I can't tell you how wonderful it was reading all of your comments!  I hope all of you new blog followers will come back and be a part of my crazy world!  Thanks again to all of you for making this giveaway a success!


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