One Thing, One Week

05 March 2012

Alrighty, it's time to set some goals.  I have my monthly goals but it's always nice to break them down into smaller "managable" projects.  So this week, my main goal is to cut out all the fabric for my nephews quilt and to start piecing the top together.

My nephew is 15 years old so I want to have something that is modern and looks like a male quilt.  So here are the fabrics I have chosen ....

As you can see I went with all solids.  I have a modern design that I drew up, so hopefully it will turn out alright, I'm not the best mathematician.

So what are all of you working on right now?  Any interesting projects or goals you might have?


  1. Oh. I love those colors! I can't wait to see it! :) my goal this week is to finish all of my projects for the month so I can stop being so busy and relax. ;) lol.

  2. Those fabrics look great, look forward to seeing your design! I'm working on big rose stars, each from start to finish before cutting out another.


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