Oh my goodness!!!!!!!

15 March 2012

Yesterday was an absolutely crazy day.  I am on spring break right now and had every intention of staying home yesterday and sewing the day away.  Well plans changed and the hubs and I had to go out of town.  We ended up being gone all day and came home to let the dogs out before we had to turn around again and leave for the evening.  Well,  while we were home for literally 5 minutes, I ran out to the mailbox to pick up the mail.  Guess what was waiting for me ..... that's right a package!!!  So I ran back to the house, grabbed some scissors and tore open the box!  And guess what I found ..... my "For the Love of Solids Swap" package!!!!

Susan made the most amazing pillow cover, pouch, and pin cushion for me!  While I was so giddy about the package my husband was standing there looking at me, implying that we needed to leave.  But how in the world was I supposed to just leave the box unopened!?  I mean .... who does that?  I sure don't!

So thank you Susan.  You nailed my tastes perfectly, it's going to look amazing in my under-construction sewing room!! 

If you guys aren't familiar with Susan and her work, you should really check out her blog, Canadian Abroad.  She does some pretty spectacular things!  I sure lucked out having her as my partner!


  1. Thank you for the lovely words. I am pleased you like what you received. You were a great partner to have.

  2. Lucky you Lori, being a lucky recipient of Susans work too I know it will be awesome!

  3. So lucky the Items all look amazing!! Love the patterns and colours!! =D

  4. Oooh you are so lucky! Susans pillow cover is stunning :-)

  5. they are just awesome aren't they? beautiful colours and stitching x

  6. THat pillow is gorgeous! What a wonderful surprise!


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