A New Modern Swap!

28 March 2012

I am announcing a new swap today!!!  The wonderful Julie who blogs over at, Jolie Maxtin, and I have started a new flickr swap!  Get ready for it .........

That's right, sign ups being April 1st and will close April 6th or when we hit 100 participants, whichever happens first!  Participants will be able to suggest what type of item they would like from their partner but there's one catch .... the project must contain at least one circle somewhere in the design.  So all you modern swappers out there get ready for an amazing swap!

This has been a WIP for some time now so I am linking up with ...



  1. Looks rather intriguing haven't joined an item swap before so this may be a first =D

  2. Same here...sounds fun. A couple questions....Is this a one-time swap with 1 partner....i.e. - will we end up with 1 block or will we get new or multiple partners to get enough blocks to make a quilt?

  3. Sounds interesting? I'm wondering the same thing as Sharon! I'd love to find out more!

  4. Hi I have a quick question - how does one get involved in swaps when most of them seem to expect you to have done a swap before?? :-) Anyone know of any swaps accepting swap-virgins as it were?


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