Fresh Sewing Day

01 March 2012

I love taking a look back at everything that I have accomplished over the past month.  I have so many goals for March.  I'm not sure they are actually attainable but hey, I will give them a shot.  First, lets take a look at what I completed in February!

Two of these projects are works in progress that I plan on finishing this weekend.  Looking at this, it doesn't seem like that much but it sure felt like a lot! I had so many swap projects that I was concentrating on this month.

In March, my goals are:
1. Finish my two projects in the first and third pictures.
2. Start and finish a large quilt for my nephew.
3. Start and finish 2 mug rugs
4. Start and finish one baby quilt

I don't know if I can finish all of this but I will sure try!  I am linking up with Lily's Quilts Fresh Sewing Day!


  1. WOW! You have been a busy busy girl. Your projects are all so nice.

  2. That is a lot--both done and your March goals! I don't even set time-based goals because...yeah. Something tends to come up LOL.

  3. I really love your Tangerine Tango mini quilt and the spiderweb blocks - the block on the bottom left is really cool too!

  4. I'm visiting from Lilys Quilts. You have a lot of beautiful projects!

  5. Gorgeous makes!! I'm sure you can get that lot done in March :)

  6. Isnt it great to see what you have made?! Its such a great feeling :) beautiful work!


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