The End of Google Friend Connect???

27 February 2012

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I've heard murmurs of Google Friend Connect ending for those of you who are not blogger users.  So just in case you want to keep following, you can follow through Bloglovin.  You will see the widget on my sidebar if you are interested.  Hopefully this will be a smooth transition for Google .... we shall see.

For the Love of Solids Swap

27 February 2012

I know it's been a while since my last post but I promise I have been hard at work!  I have finally finished my For the Love of Solids Swap project that will serve double duty for the Modern Mini Challenge.  Besides one quilt block, this is the first paper piecing project I have done.  And I must say, that I am loving how it turned out.  I'll be honest, I kinda want to keep it for myself .... but I think my partner will give it a good home.

My partner asked for a mini quilt in these colors so here is what I came up with.  I will be sending it off next week sometime.  I love this part of swaps ..... hopefully it will put a smile on my partner's face.



Quilts for the nephews!

19 February 2012

These two quilts are for my brother's two boys.  They have a family tradition of gathering in the family room to watch the Chicago Bears games with their blankets, pillows, and snacks.  So keeping that in mind, I choose prints to match the Bears colors and appliqued a huge football on the middle of the quilt.
Here is Dominic's and Vincent's quilt ....

I am pretty pleased with how they turned out.  I tried to make them a little on the larger size so the boys could grow into them.  This was my first time to applique anything so I was able to stretch my skills a little bit.  This is one of my three projects checked off my list for the 2012 Finish-A-Long!

You can find my original post here.


17 February 2012

Alright, so I joined another swap.  Yes I know, I was going to limit myself this year but it's no surprise that it didn't work!  I must confess, I don't have much information to go on for my partner and I'm stuck.  Normally, with the previous swaps that I have been in I can think of something rather quickly but, I am brain dead at the moment.   Our styles are absolute polar opposites and I'm feeling like I'm going to make something that she absolutely hates.  I am so far out of my comfort level with this one!  I have been sitting at my computer staring at her flickr profile and searching for inspiration for 2 hours, and still nothing!  And I was planning on taking a drive to my not so local quilt shop to get fabric for her unplanned project tomorrow morning.  So instead of pulling my hair out I thought I might write about it.  I'm just praying for some amazing design ideas to pop into my dreams tonight!  Wish me luck, cause I'm gonna need it!

Bee Blocks

17 February 2012

I'm sure you have heard of the book Modern Blocks: 99 Quilt Blocks from Your Favorite Designers and if you haven't you should check it out!  There are so many amazing blocks in this book!  

I signed up for two bees on flickr that are based on this book, and I just finished my blocks for this month.  It has been such a great experience so far and I have already learned so much by participating.  I can't wait to see the blocks each participant chooses through the rest of the year.  So far I've completed four different blocks.

This is my block!

The last block is the one that I have chosen when it's my turn to host.  This block goes together so quickly and I was intrigued by the layout options.  I'm still undecided on how to put it together but I won't have all of my blocks done until the end of July so I have some time to figure it out.   


Giveaway Winner!!

14 February 2012

First of all, I want to say thank you for all of the wonderful comments!  The past couple of days have been a blast reading what everyone is working on.  And it's great to know that I'm not the only one who can be overwhelmed by all of the projects I have started! 

Well it's time to announce the winner of the Fugly Fabric Party Giveaway.  And so the winner is.......

#28 - Becky who said,
Great fabric - love those huge dots!! I am currently working on a quilt for a niece who is getting married.

Becky, I have emailed you so be on the lookout!

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to enter.  Keep your eyes peeled ..... since I reached 50+ followers,  I'm thinking another giveaway might be necessary!  

And it's done.....

13 February 2012

Oh my goodness, this quilt felt like it was a never-ending project.  But I am super excited with how it turned out.  You see, it all started when my niece found out that I had started quilting.  She is a freshman in college and she "casually" mentioned how cool it would be to have a quilt for her dorm room.  Well, I caught the subtle hint and went to work!  I wanted something colorful to match her amazing personality.
I used Terrain by Kate Spain for these string blocks.  Hopefully this will be right up her alley.  It measures about 63x75, just big enough to cuddle with.  Up to this point, I have made 4 out of 5 quilts for the nieces and nephews.  Hopefully by April I will have the last one done! 

I can check one project off my list for the 2012 Finish-A-Long!  I love making progress!  You can find my original post here.

Oh and there's still time to enter the Fugly Fabric Giveaway, stop by and check it out!

I pieced the back with large pieces of Terrain.

Fugly Fabric Party!

12 February 2012

Does anybody want some fugly fabric?   Now, I wouldn't necessarily say these are fugly but they aren't going to be used any time soon.  They are actually leftovers from projects that I have done for other people so .... I have no need for them.

 So, this is one big bundle up for grabs and in it you will find:
1. Top left - 1 yd blue with white
2. Top middle - 1 yd blue
3. Top right - approximately 10"x44" piece of blue and white polka dots
4. Bottom three prints are fat quarters

If you are interested in having these pop up in your mailbox (and I will take care of the postage) here's what you can do.....
There will be two opportunities to win this giveaway.

1.  leave a comment and tell me what project you are currently working on
 2.  leave another comment and tell me that you are a follower of adventures in fabric for a second chance to win

The giveaway will close Tuesday, Feb. 14th. at 5:00 pm CT. 
So good luck and check out all the other fabrics up for grabs at Lucy's :)
This giveaway is now closed.

a "new" toy!

11 February 2012

Last month I was lucky enough to find a great deal on a vintage 301 Singer machine.  I took it into my local sewing machine repair shop for a tune up and when I picked it up I was amazed at how quiet and wonderful this thing is!  I am super excited to start a new project on it!  I can't wait to start seeing what this girl can do!
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