A Tote for a special lady!

02 January 2012

One of the very special ladies that I work with requested a tote.  She is a fellow teacher, so I can relate to the love of totes that she has!  She requested certain fabrics, and I think she did a great job choosing; her combinations look great!  So here it is!

I kind of went on a whim when creating this tote.  I didn't use a pattern, all I knew is that I wanted the quilting to resemble a Vera Bradley bag.  I'm not sure how close I actually got to my goal but it's done.  Hopefully she will like it.


  1. Hello, what a cute blog you have. I enjoyed looking at your projects and goals.

  2. No pattern! Wow, that tote is super cute. Love the colors too.

  3. Great bag. I expect your friend is very pleased with it.

  4. The bag is beautiful. I am sure your friend will love it.

  5. Hey, I have just found your blog from the fugly fabric swap, am having a look around, noticed you are 28 too, like me, now I find you are also a teacher! We are probably about at the same point in our quilting journeys too, I would love it if you would pop over and give my blog a look.
    Anyway, I love this tote, I can't believe you've used the blue fabric as a lining, it's so pretty! What a lucky friend!


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