For The Love of Solids Swap

21 January 2012

Alright, so one of my goals for this year was to limit the amount of swaps that I participate in.  And I promise I had every intention of making that happen.  But when the second round of the For The Love Of Solids Swap opened up, I just couldn't resist.  I absolutely love this swap and there are so many talented people participating.  I'm looking at it as more of an educational experience rather than an extra "project".  Well, partner's have been assigned, and I have the best partner ever!  I love having a partner that knows exactly what they want and isn't afraid to be specific.  I have ordered and received fabric already.  This isn't a color combination that I would usually go with but it's really growing on me.

I might switch out the light grey for a darker grey,  I'm not sure though, I'm still thinking about it .  I have a design in mind, but it involves paper piecing.  And as of right now, that is a skill that I do not posses.  So, it looks like for the next week or two I will be trying to master the art of paper piecing.  Wish me luck, because I think I'm going to need it.  Does anybody know of any good tutorials that explains the process? :)


  1. Bright colors, so lovely! I can't wait to see what you make!

    Here is one I found that shows a lot of the steps, maybe this will help you.

  3. I don't know how to paper piece either but know Faith at Fresh Lemons covered it a few times in her summer stars series that looked easy to follow. Love your colors!


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