Scrabble Coaster Tutorial

27 December 2011

What you will need:
1 fat quarter (or 1/4 yd) of main fabric for the coaster
3" x 7" of fabric for the letters and numbers
Heat 'N' Bond
black thread
cream thread

*For the fabric, I used a cream and black denim.  I like the feel of the coaster after they are finished with a more dense fabric.

Out of the main fabric cut 8 - 5" squares
5" squares of the main fabric.

Out of the batting cut 4 - 6" squares
6" squares of batting.

Create the templates that you will use for the letters and numbers.
To create my templates, I created a word document and found the font that matches the look that I am going for.  For this project I used Arial Black.  The letters are quite a bit larger than the numbers.  After I printed out the letters and numbers that I would need, I glued an index card to the back of the letters and numbers to make the templates more stable.  I then cut out each letter and number individually.

Here you can see that the letters are backed with an index card to make them more durable.

Now is when you prepare the black fabric!  I am a big fan of Heat 'n' Bond.  I use it for all of my applique needs!

I cut a piece of Heat 'n' Bond and ironed it to the back of my black fabric.

Then I traced the templates onto the Heat 'n' Bond.  *Make sure you trace the templates the correct way!  The right side of the template needs to be facing down when you trace!

When you are finished tracing, cut out each piece and peel off the paper back.  Center the letter on the front of the cream denim and iron until the letter is secure.  Iron the number to the bottom right of the letter.

Now it's time to applique!  I pinned a piece of Pellon Stitch-N-Tear stabilizer to the back of each square.

Applique around the edges of the letters and numbers with black thread.  
You can see the stitching from the back of the square.
Tear off the excess stabilizer.

Next you will stack your blocks together to get ready for sewing! 
Step One:  Lay down one piece of batting.
Step Two: Add one 5" square good side facing up.
Step Three:  Add one Letter appliqued square good side facing down.

Now it's time for sewing.  I used a 1/2" seam allowance for this part of the process.  Sew around the edge of the blocks, making sure to leave a section open in order to be able to turn right-side out.

 Cut excess batting and trim corners.

Turn right-side out.  Press.  Sew around edge of completed block!

Finish with the remaining letters and voila!  You have a completed coaster set that will look amazing in your home or work wonderfully as a gift!  Hope you enjoy!  I would love to see pics of your completed project!


  1. I love those coasters! What a great idea!

    Vicki @ Quilting Lodge

  2. Great idea! And great tutorial! I might need to make some of these for my scrabble - loving MIL.

  3. these are so cute, can you tell the FONT you used? or was it helvetica- which is $$ to get


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