Quick Project!

17 December 2011

I needed a quick White Elephant gift for a church Christmas Party so I whipped up a coaster set.  I added some hot chocolate mix and a mug in with the gift.  The party is tomorrow so hopefully none of my church peeps see this today.

My husband and I each have to bring a separate gift and he definitely didn't go the practical route!  He has an amazing sense of humor, so this is what he picked up during our shopping adventures.

Yes, he actually bought a white elephant for a white elephant gift.  I'm sure it will be a hit!  There is never a dull moment with this guy!  I am linking this up with Quilt Story Fabric Tuesday.  It's such a wonderful way to connect with others!


  1. super cute coasters...did you use fusible webbing to attach the letters and then top stitch?

  2. I used Heat 'n' Bond to attach the letters and then top stitch. I am planning on putting together a tutorial.

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