The Secret is Out!

23 November 2011

For the past few months, I have been working on a top secret project.  I had the idea last summer to make a quilt for my Dad's birthday.  But knowing that he is a guy who is not necessarily into the whole crafty vibe, I was stumped on how to make this extra special for him.  Then I thought about the three things that he loves most: Jesus, his family, and his country.  So I decided to try and incorporate all three of those things into his gift.  I came up with this ......

There are two pictures at the bottom of the quilt.  Those would be pictures of my Dad, who served in the ARMY and a picture of my Grandpa (his Dad) who served in the Navy.  Dad received the quilt last week and was very touched by his birthday gift, so now I can let the cat out of the bag!


  1. Awesome! It is a beautiful quilt and a very thoughtful gift.

  2. Hi won the giveaway from Green Fairy Quilts on my blog...I've e-mailed but haven't heard back..Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. This quilt is Incredible! I love the verse you selected, and your flag is just exquisite! Congratulations on such a fantastic present.


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