Sewing Travel Kit!!!

09 October 2011

I have been thinking about this project for months!!!  Every morning I have early morning duty at school and I supervise about 150 kids in the morning before their homeroom teachers come and pick them up for the day. Well, basically it's me and 150 kids staring at each other for about 30 minutes.  The kids are great in the mornings, everybody sits in their rows waiting for their teachers.  They might read a book or draw some pictures while they are waiting but I am super bored!!!  So, I started taking some small projects in and working on them.  Well my scissors fall on the floor constantly, my thread rolls across the gym, it's a total mess.  I decided to make a sewing travel kit to organize all of my little sewing gadgets.  :)  Plus it helps sooth my spouse diagnosed, OCD organizational tendencies.  :)  And here it is ....

The front.  My students were so entranced watching my hand sew these little things. 

The back of the sewing kit.

The inside!
There is a place for everything!  I absolutely love how it turned out!  There are three different pockets.  A place for thread and embroidery floss.  A special home for my scissors!  And an area for my needles, pens, and a hoop.  I'm super thrilled and can't wait to use it!


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