September, where have you gone?

02 October 2011

It has been forever since my last post.  The beginning of the school year is always crazy but this year has been even more nuts than normal.  My husband, who is also a teacher, started coaching football this year.  Let me modify that last statement ..... my husband is coaching Texas football this year.  To some here in the great state of Texas, football is a religion.  So needless to say, my wonderful hubby hasn't been home as much as he used to be.  So, trying to be a good wife, I am now taking care of everything around the house, while maintaining my full-time job.  I don't know how you ladies with little ones do it!  It's hard enough just managing everything for us two, I can't imagine having a child to take care of too!  So all you moms out there .... I give you props!

Well, in my absence, there is sooo much to catch you all up on!

1.  I realized I never posted about the Pretty Little Pouch Swap.  It is my absolute favorite swap ever!!!      The talent that comes out of that group is amazing!  It definitely has stretched my skills!!  I made this pouch for the swap ....
And I received this amazing pouch from Diane, from from blank pages.

2.  I entered my second swap, For the Love of Solids.  This was an amazing swap as well!  I made a pillow cover and mug rug for my partner.  I had to cover my partner's name to keep it a surprise.  It totally slipped my mind to take a pic without her name covered.  Ooops!

And I received the most fantastic sewing machine cover from Nicole!  And yes it is reversible!!

I did a few other small project in September but time was limited.  I have realized how much I love the summer time.  I found myself walking by my sewing machine every morning on my way out the door, thinking, "I wish I could stay home with you, and sew all day!"  Please tell me I'm not the only person out there that talks to her sewing machine. :)

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  1. And I love love love my pillow cover and mug rug! Thank you!


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