Scruffily Quilt!

02 July 2011

I finished the binding on my scruffily quilt today.  I love how productive I have been!  If only I could be this way in all areas of my life!  Well, I was planning on making this a lounging around blanket for my house but I think I have decided it will be going to my sister-in-law.  I had planned to do a quilt for her using the modern meadows fabric but I just realized that she picked out all of the fabric for the scruffily quilt.  So it only seems natural to send this one off to her and her new husband!  All it needs is a label and it will be on it's way.

How do you label your quilts?  Do you use a printer?  Do you hand write them?  You get the idea .... share with me your intelligent ways of labeling your quilt.  I have not found one that I am particularly in love with!   


  1. Looking good! I am horrible about labels. I don't usually put them on. There is a Flickr group that is dedicated to just quilt labels if you look it up!

  2. Great quilt...YOU are SO-SEW nice to give a quilt away!

    labeling - I use a pigma pen on a piece of the fabric or an orphaned block from the front of the quilt. =) simple means I will get it done...If I try to get too creative with the usually doesn't get done. =)


  3. I'm a newby and haven't made any labels yet (although one of the quilt blogger (such wonderful people!) volunteered to make me one for my last quilt.

    I have, however, bookmarked these URLs for future use. Not sure if these would appeal to you or not.


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