Farmer's Wife Quilt Along: Week #1

15 July 2011

My local quilt shop started a Farmer's Wife Quilt Along and so of course I joined in with the craziness!  I figured 2 blocks a week wouldn't be that bad, right?!  Well, I finally decided on the fabric and I got to work this morning and produced my first two blocks for week #1.

I decided to try out solids for this quilt.  Every week will have white as a base color and then I will change the solid color.  This week was a bright yellow with a little bit of a yellow print added into the mix.  I'm thinking next week might be orange or pink, we shall see!  

The book comes with templates to use for piecing the quilt and this is the first time I have used templates.  It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be; I am pleasantly surprised!  I probably shouldn't speak too soon though, I have only done two blocks. 

I know the blocks are traditional but I was hoping to jazz them up a little with some modern fabric.  Hopefully that won't offend anyone. :)  Has anyone else done any of the Farmer's Wife blocks?  What kind of fabrics did you choose?  How did you piece your blocks? (paper piecing, templates ...)

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  1. I am using templates and the blocks are quite addictive!


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