Here are my projects!

21 June 2011

Here are the projects that I want to complete this summer!  

1. I need to add a border to this pinwheel quilt, quilt and bind it!

2. I plan to make pillow shams to match the quilt.  I have the fabric but I haven't cut it out yet.  I have never made pillow shams before so it should be exciting!  I am going to make a big blue and white pinwheel and border it with the light blue fabric.  We'll see how it turns out!

3.  I need to bind my scruffily quilt!

4.  I need to complete the quilt-along with Rachel from ps i quilt!  Luckily, everything is cut, I am just waiting on instructions about how to piece it all together!!  This is my first quilt-along and it's tons of fun!

5. I have a pattern for a sewing machine cover and other accessories that I really wanted to do this summer.  I have the fabric, now I just need to do the work!  

6. Finally ....... I had plans to do a quilt for my sister-in-law, who just got married.  

So it begins ..... two months ....... six projects ....... here we go!


  1. Love your pinwheel quilt! Those projects all look doable, just gotta get them done (easier said than done, LOL)

  2. These are lovely! I have a quilt I am making from Modern Meadow as well!

  3. Your projects are beautiful! :) Quilt alongs are so much fun! I was in Rachel's Postage Stamp QA! :)

  4. May I ask what size this quilt is and how large the pinwheel blocks are? This is beautiful and just what I am looking for.


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